Slovak - Serbian Cooperation

| 15-07-2019

The Slovak side was represented by Dr. Kristína Kukurová (principal project investigator), Dr. Zuzana Ciesarová and Dr. Blanka Tobolková. The Serbian team leads Dr. Miona Belović with participant of all team members.

The bilateral project represents a platform for sharing of research experience focused on development of new products from triticale, that is a hybrid cereal developed by crossing wheat (Triticum) and rye (Secale) with assessing of quality (rheological, textural, sensory analysis and antioxidant capacity determination) and safety (heat processing contaminants - acrylamide, HMF and their precursors).

The cooperation of both scientific teams - the Slovak National Agricultural and Food Center, the Food Research Institute in Bratislava (NPPC VÚP) and the Serbian Institute of Food Technology of the University of Novi Sad (FINS) - will be implemented through short-term scientific stays aimed at harmonizing of analytical methods. Bilateral exchanges during the project period (01/01/2019 - 31/12/2020) will offer an opportunity to share experiences, presentation of scientific results in professional forums, education of young science generation and involvement in new project calls focused on innovations, food quality and safety.