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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Li, W. – Cui, Y. – Xu, Y. – Zhao, Y. – Sun, Y. – Li, X.
Evaluation of antioxidants effects from grape seed extract consumption based on blood analysis of series of indicators on 110 random persons
Alptekin, E. – Bölek, S.
Optimization of microwave roasting of Vigna radiata as an innovative caffeine-free and gluten-free coffee substitute
Varadharajan, B. – Madasamy, P.
Development of a simple protocol for metabolite extraction from saffron and its application in the authentication of market samples by HPLC fingerprinting
Mohammadsalim, S. – Imani, S. – Abdigoudarzi, M. – Hasanzadeh, N. – Zarrinnia, V.
Microbial quality of dried larvae of Tenebrio molitor L. under different processing methods as a food and feed in Iran