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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Vonnie, M. J. – Rovina, K. – Erna, H. K. – Mantihal, S. – Huda, N. – Wahab, R. A.
Development of colorimetric sensor-based gold nanoparticles/tapioca starch for detection of cadmium residues in fish products
Pastor, K. – Zorlu, G. – Osman, S. - Öztürk Sevdik, Y. – Kojić, J. – Nastić, N. – Senyuva, H.
Chemometric fatty acidomics to distinguish between yeast and sourdough breads from Serbia and Turkey
Preti, R. – Tarola, A. M.
Influence of geographic origin on the profile and level of phenolic compounds in Italian strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L.) honey
Lee, J.-H. – Shin, S.-D.
Antibacterial characteristics of citrus peel essential oils against foodborne pathogens