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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Bedlovičová, Z. – Hrušková, T. – Takáč, P. – Strapáč, I. – Kobularčíková, P.
Antioxidant properties of edible mushrooms occurring in Slovakia
Akgun, A. – Keser, I.
Effect of flow behaviour of skim milk on microfiltration performance and cleaning efficiency of polyethersulfone membranes
Park, G. T. – Choi, H. S. – Cho, J. H. – Chang, S. Y. – Lee, H. Y. – Choi, J. S.
Effects of bee products (propolis, royal jelly, and honeybee comb extracts) on physicochemical and storage characteristics of pork patties
Dimitrov, F. – Panghyová, E. – Žubor, V. – Vargová, V. – Baxa, S. – Polovka, M. – Kopuncová, M. – Tobolková, B. – Hrouzková, S. – Sádecká, J.
Composition of terpenes as the predominant part in juniper berry essential oils (Juniperus communis L. and Juniperus oxycedrus L.)
Sinthukot, M. – Suanjan, S. – Chupawa, P. – Inchuen, S. – Duangkhamchan, W.
Drying characteristics and quality attributes of quick-cooking Job’s tears as affected by rotary drying combined with microwave heating
Phan, T. H. – Dao, H. U. – Nguyen, C. T. T.
Ethanol-modified supercritical CO2 extraction of cashew nut (Anacardium occidentale L.) testa
Giertlová, A. – Bartošová, L. – Světlíková, A.
Dietary recommendation and healthy food basket during pandemic crisis
Bardavelidze, A. – Bardavelidze, Kh. – Sesikashvili, O.
Development and study of a multi-criteria optimal control algorithm for the static mode of the fruit tunnel dehydration process
Chotimarkorn, C. – Punvichai, T.
Effect of sodium ascorbate and sodium tripolyphosphate treatments on the quality and shelf-life of snail meat during chilled storage for commercial application in Thailand
Sitkey, V. – Dočolomanský, P. – Čičová, I. – Čuchorová, J. – Puchľová, E. – Belajová, E.
Screening of different carrot varieties for the biocatalytic reduction of acetophenone to 1-phenylethanol
Padar, E. – Berktas, S. – Cam, M.
Antioxidative properties of spearmint leaves distillation by-products in various in vitro environments