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61 2022

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Súhrny čísla 2 / 2022

Tirdiľová, I. – Vollmannová, A. – Obtulovič, P. – Zetochová, E. – Čéryová, S.
Varietal influence on the content of biologically valuable compounds in selected legumes
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 61, 2022, č. 2, s. 146-155

Ivana Tirdiľová, AgroBioTech Research Center, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra; Trieda Andreja Hlinku 2, 949 76 Nitra, Slovakia. E-mail:

Received 17 December 2021; 1st revised 24 January 2022; accepted 15 February 2022; published online 4 May 2022.

Súhrn: The present study surveyed antioxidant properties of selected legumes less utilized by our population. These were determined spectrophotometrically by various methods, namely, using radicals 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH), 2,2’-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid (ABTS), the ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) and total polyphenols contents (TPC) using Folin–Ciocalteu reagent. The contents of individual phenolics were determined by high performance liquid chromatography with diode array detector in methanolic extracts from 11 varieties of white lupin, 3 varieties of grass pea and 7 varieties chickpea. The varieties of legumes were a major source of variation in content of phenolic substances and total antioxidant activity (TAA). The highest content of phenolic acids had white lupin var. Solnečnyj with caffeic acid at 568 mg·kg-1 dry weight (dw) and the lowest content of quercetin had grass pea var. Krajova at 0.163 mg·kg-1 dw. TPC (expressed as gallic acid equivalent) values were in the range from 1273 mg·kg-1 dw (grass pea) to 8004 mg·kg-1 dw (white lupin). The results confirmed that the variety, but also the crop species, significantly differ in the content of biologically valuable components in selected legumes. The present study provides data on the phytochemical composition of legumes and the antioxidant properties of these compounds.

Kľúčové slová: legume; white lupin; chickpea; grass pea; antioxidant activity; flavonoid; polyphenol

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