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60 2021

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 60, 2021

Číslo 4
285-295 Tarlak, F.
Development of a new mathematical modelling approach for prediction of growth kinetics of Listeria monocytogenes in milk
296-307 Jiayan, Z. – Jianwen, X. – Zhengpei, C. – Na, C.
Effect of reaction solvent on physico-chemical properties, microstructure and digestive properties of starch-fatty acid complexes
308-315 Li, W. – Cui, Y. – Xu, Y. – Zhao, Y. – Sun, Y. – Li, X.
Evaluation of antioxidants effects from grape seed extract consumption based on blood analysis of series of indicators on 110 random persons
316-326 Alptekin, E. – Bölek, S.
Optimization of microwave roasting of Vigna radiata as an innovative caffeine-free and gluten-free coffee substitute
327-334 Varadharajan, B. – Madasamy, P.
A simple protocol for metabolite extraction from saffron and its application to authentication of market samples by HPLC fingerprinting
335-343 Mohammadsalim, S. – Imani, S. – Abdigoudarzi, M. – Hasanzadeh, N. – Zarrinnia, V.
Microbiological quality of dried larvae of Tenebrio molitor under various processing methods as a food and feed in Iran
344-351 Xie, C. Y. – Li, J. – Fang, Y. H. – Yang, F.
Composition, antioxidants content and antioxidant activity of walnut residues, a by-product of oil extraction in China
352-362 Giovagnoli-Vicuña, C. – Velásquez, P. – Montenegro, G. – Espejo, J. – Gómez, M. – Cabrera-Barjas, G. – Giordano, A.
Nutritional and antioxidant potential of Chilean native fruits: lleuque (Prumnopitys andina) and copihue (Lapageria rosea)
363-372 Chen, D. – Cheng, M. – Wang, C. – Shao, X. – Fan, X. – Zhang, X. – Qin, Y.
Comparative study on quality characteristics of yogurt from goats’ milk processed by various heating treatments
373-383 Piskernik, S. – Levart, A. – Korošec, M. – Perme, K. – Salobir, J. – Pajk Žontar, T.
Fatty acid profiles, nutritional quality and sensory characteristics of unconventional oils and fats on the Slovenian market
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