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60 2021

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Súhrny čísla 3 / 2021

Salehi, F.
Textural properties and quality of meat products containing fruit or vegetable products: A review
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 60, 2021, č. 3, s. 187-202

Fakhreddin Salehi, Department of Food Science and Technology, Bu-Ali Sina University, Shahid Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan Street, 6516738695 Hamedan, Iran. E-mail:

Received 1 February 2021; 1st revised 29 May 2021; accepted 6 July 2021; published online 30 August 2021.

Súhrn: Meat products are defined as those in which fresh meat has been improved by some processing techniques, such as curing, comminution, drying, fermentation or cooking. Fruit and vegetable in various forms (fresh, juice, powdered, puréed or extract) are excellent sources for the enrichment of meat products because of their sweet and desired taste, colour, aroma, fibres, and vitamins content. So, this manuscript reviews the effect of some fruits and vegetables such as apple, beetroot, carrot, celery, cherry, grape, lemon, mushroom, orange, spinach and tomato, on the physicochemical attributes, texture, colour parameters, sensorial and quality properties of meat products such as sausage or hamburger. The physicochemical, colour, texture and sensorial properties of meat products are affected by replacement by fruits or vegetables and addition of these products contributes to the high content of vitamins, natural colorants, minerals, polyphenols and crude fibre. Also, some vegetables, such as beetroot, celery, leek, parsley or spinach, provide naturally sourced nitrate in meat products. The meat products with natural fruits or vegetables addition have a growing share in the global market due to the high demand for goods for an improved diet, rich in phenolic compounds with antioxidant activity and positive biological properties.

Kľúčové slová: colour; fibre; hamburger; meat product; sausage; texture

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