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60 2021

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Súhrny čísla 3 / 2021

Krulj, J. – Pezo, L. – Kojić, J. – Bodroža Solarov, M. – Teslić, N.
Quality evaluation of cold-pressed oils and semi-defatted cake flours obtained on semi-industrial scale
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 60, 2021, č. 3, s. 217-228

Jelena Krulj, Institute of Food Technology, University of Novi Sad, Bulevar cara Lazara 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.

Received 27 April 2021; 1st revised 14 June 2021; accepted 15 June 2021; published online 24 June 2021.

Súhrn: Mechanically pressed oils and the remaining semi-defatted cake flours obtained from fruit, vegetables and some of less utilized oilseeds have increasing trend on global oil market due to their health benefits and cost-effectiveness. Cold-pressed oils obtained from various plant seeds were evaluated in terms of physico-chemical properties, fatty acid composition and functional quality properties. Low oil yield was obtained for berry, red grape and sour cherry oils while moderate or high yield was obtained for other plant materials. Oil samples contained high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, with linoleic and oleic acids as the major acids. Among all oils, flaxseed, raspberry and blackberry seed oils contained significant amounts of α-linolenic acid. In terms of functional quality indices, berry seed oils exhibited the highest quality of all obtained cold-pressed oils. Residual semi-defatted cake flours were examined in terms of basic proximal analysis. Poppy, sesame, flaxseed and both pumpkin flours had moderate or high contents of crude proteins and low content of fibres. Sour cherry, blackberry, raspberry and red grape flours had high fibre contents and relatively low content of proteins. A comprehensive study of oils and their residual cakes obtained from by-products of fruit and vegetable processing industry supports the concept of zero waste technology.

Kľúčové slová: mechanical pressing; semi-industrial scale; oil technology

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