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56 2017

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 56, 2017

Číslo 3
201-218 Klátyik, S. – Darvas, B. – Oláh, M. – Mörtl, M. – Takács, E. – Székács, A.
Pesticide residues in spice paprika and their effects on environmental and food safety
219-231 Hronská, H. – Micháliková, S. – Rosenberg, M.
Microbial production of specialty C4 dicarboxylic acids from maleic anhydride
232-243 Viskupicova, J. – Maliar, T.
Rutin fatty acid esters: from synthesis to biological health effects and application
244-254 Shin, J.-W. – Kim, J.-B. – Cho, H. J. – Suh, H.-J.
Estimated daily intakes of benzoic acid and sorbic acid in South Korea
255-264 Drobná, E. – Rauová, D. – Májeková, H. – Greif, G. – Mikuš, P.
Antifungal activity and aflatoxin binding ability of Lactobacillus species isolated from lamb and goatling stomach mucus
265-276 García-López, E. G. – Sáyago-Ayerdi, S. G. – Vivar-Vera, M. L. A. – García-Magaña, M. L. – Aldrate-Herrera, P. I. – Montalvo-González, E.
Guava purees with addition of agave fructans and natural sweeteners as potential functional products
277-282 Bavcon Kralj, M. – Podrażka, M. – Krawczyk, B. – Pandel Mikuš, R. – Jarni, K. – Trebše, P.
“Raw food” diet: the effect of maximal temperature (46 ± 1 °C) on aflatoxin B1 and oxalate content in food
283-291 Liu, Y. – Zhou, S. – Han, W. – Li, C. – Huang, K. – Liu, W.
Detection of adulteration by hydrolysed leather protein in infant formula based on least squares support vector machine and near-infrared spectroscopy
292-298 Šnirc, M. – Belej, Ľ. – Golian, J. – Fekete, T. – Židek, R.
Molecular traceability of red deer meat products using microsatellite markers
299-303 Hohnová, B. – Šalplachta, J. – Karásek, P.
Pressurized hot water extraction followed by high-performance liquid chromatography for determination of polyphenols in Sambucus nigra L. branches in dependence on vegetative period of the plant