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54 2015

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 54, 2015

Číslo 2
93-100 Eržen, N. – Rayner, M. – Pravst, I.
A comparative evaluation of the use of a food composition database and nutrition declarations for nutrient profiling
101-112 Novello, A. A. – Conceiçao, L. L. – Dias, M. M. S. – Cardoso, L. M. – Castro, C. A. – Ricci-Silva, M. E. – Leite, J. P. V. – Peluzio, M. C. G.
Chemical characterization, antioxidant and antiatherogenic activity of anthocyanin-rich extract from Euterpe edulis Mart. in mice
113-121 Jurković, M. – Sokolić, D. – Bašić, S. – Gross-Bošković, A. – Kenjerić, D.
Contribution of fresh fruit consumption to the micronutrient intake in Zagreb region adults
122-127 Kajsík, M. – Krahulec, J. – Tóth, C. – Drahovská, H. – Stuchlík, S. – Turňa, J.
Control of Cronobacter in reconstituded infant formula by combined application of cathelicidin LL-37 and bacteriophages
128-141 Tchabo, W. – Ma, Y. – Engmann, F. N. – Ye, H.
Effect of enzymatic treatment on phytochemical compounds and volatile content of mulberry (Morus nigra) must by multivariate analysis
142-154 Radojčin, M. – Babić, M. – Babić, Lj. – Pavkov, I. – Bukurov, M. – Bikić, S. – Mitrevski, V.
Effects of osmotic pretreatment on quality and physical properties of dried quinces (Cydonia oblonga)
155-164 Žilić, S. – Delić, N. – Basić, Z. – Ignjatović-Micić, D. – Janković, M. – Vančetović, J.
Effects of alkaline cooking and sprouting on bioactive compounds, their bioavailability and relation to antioxidant capacity of maize flour
165-170 Šmíd, J. – Godálová, Z. – Piknová, Ľ. – Siekel, P. – Kuchta, T.
Semi-quantitative estimation of soya protein-based additives in meat products using real-time polymerase chain reaction
171-178 Mesías, M. – Holgado, F. – Sevenich, R. – Briand, J. C. – Márquez-Ruiz, G. – Morales, F. J.
Fatty acids profile in canned tuna and sardine after retort sterilization and high pressure thermal sterilization treatment
179-183 Psodorov, Đ. – Ačanski, M. – Psodorov, D. – Vujić, Đ. – Pastor, K.
Determination of the content of buckwheat and wheat flours in bread using GC-MS and multivariate analysis
184 Babinská, K.
Satiation, satiety and the control of food intake. Theory and practice