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51 2012

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Vol. 51, 2012

Číslo 2
73-80 Guzek, D. – Wierzbicka, A. – Głąbska, D.
Influence of low temperature blanching and calcium chloride soaking on colour and consumer attractiveness of broccoli
81-88 Hanák, P. – Laknerová, I. – Švátora, M.
Second intron in the protein-coding region of the fish parvalbumin gene – a promising platform for polymerase chain reaction-based discrimination of fish meat of various species
89-95 Daško, Ľ. – Drímal, J. – Klimeková, M. – Ürgeová, E.
Response of organically and conventionally produced potatoes to a controlled attack of a pathogen
96-101 Ogrodowska, D. – Czaplicki, S. – Zadernowski, R. – Mattila, P. – Hellström, J. – Naczk, M.
Phenolic acids in seeds and products obtained from Amaranthus cruentus
102-108 Mošovská, S. – Bírošová, L. – Valík, Ľ.
The impact of pseudocereal extracts with antioxidant and antimutagenic activity on development of antibiotic resistance
109-116 Vieira, V. – Marques, A. – Barros, L. – Barreira, J. C. M. – Ferreira, I. C. F. R.
Insights in the antioxidant synergistic effects of combined edible mushrooms: phenolic and polysaccharidic extracts of Boletus edulis and Marasmius oreades
117-122 Belajová, E.
Determination of selected wine phenolic constituents as possible markers for differentiation of wines