Department of Technology, Innovation and Cooperation with Practice

Head of Department: Bc., Ing. Baxa Stanislav, PhD.
tel: +421 33 647 29 73
+421 907 469 889
Address: Kostolná 7, 900 01 Modra
Members of the Department: RNDr. Blažková Marcela, Ing. Kiss Eugen, Ing. Kunštek Marek, Ing. Noskovič Dušan, Ing. Panghyová Elena, Doc. Ing. Šilhár Stanislav, CSc.,
Galovič Rastislav, Horňáček Peter, Mlatec Radko, Noskovičová Katarína

Department of Technology, Innovation and Collaboration with Practice - BIOCENTRUM Modra (NPPC-VÚP) is dedicated to the development and verification of food technologies. Experimental halls are divided into two subjects, namely fermentation and separation. In the fermentation part aerobic and anaerobic fermentations can be performed and optimized with the possibility of further processing of biomass and metabolites. Separate hall equipped with phyto-product separation facilities.

Workplace has at its disposal laboratories with equipment for determining the basic components of food matrix and determination of parameters in semi-operational production processes.

Offer of activities:

OTISP - Modra Biocentre - Offer and possibilities of food aid.

Proposition and semi-operational verification of new production processes and products

  • design and semi-operational verification of new and innovative manufacturing processes
  • complete processing of technological, production and product documentation
  • experimental, verification and production of marketing samples

Guidance, help with solving specific problems of practice

  • product and technology innovation
  • solutions to safety issues and standard product quality
  • assistance in processing HACCP, GMP and Hygiene manuals
  • calculation and determination of data for the correct labeling of products
  • analysis, processing of material and energy balances, proposal of solutions reducing the energy intensity of production and evaluation of secondary raw materials


  • courses Basics of Good Hygienic Practice (Ability to Manufacturing and Managing Food)
  • courses focused on the production and direct sale of food in small
  • courses focused on food legislation, food labeling
  • training of workers on modern vacuum and separation processes

VUP - Biocentre: System of work