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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Machuca, A. – Amoros, A. – Escalona, V. H.
Effect of ozonated water as a sanitizer on the quality and safety of fresh baby leaves red chard
Cheliabiieva, V. – Buialska, N.
The use of the Spirulina platensis and pomegranate peel extracts to increase the nutritional value of hard candies
Vonnie, M. J. – Rovina, K. – Erna, H. K. – Mantihal, S. – Huda, N. – Wahab, R. A.
Development of colorimetric sensor-based gold nanoparticles/tapioca starch for detection of cadmium residues in fish products
Cumplido-Laso, G. – González-Cebrino, F. – García-Parra, J. J. – Ramírez, M. R.
High hydrostatic pressure processing on pumpkin: Identification and quantification of the volatile profile