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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Wang, S. – Zhang, X. – Polovka, M. – Tobolková, B.
Non-destructive detection of lamb freshness based on flexible impedance sensor
Jaćimović, S. – Kiprovski, B. – Sikora, V. – Pezo, L. – Pantelić, N.
Diversity in nutritional and functional quality sorghum restorer lines collection
Galina, E. P. – Peccin, M. M. – Mazon, J. M. – Roman, S. S. – Preste, R. C. – Backes, G. T. – Soares, M. B. A.
Effect of reduction and/or replacement of sodium chloride in the processing of cooking ham
Ksentini, H. – Meddad-Hamza, A. – Hamel, T. – Bellili, A. – Babali, B. – Boutabia, L. – Salvo-Tierra, Á. E. – Picornell, A.
Assessment of the quality of honey of various botanical and geographical origins based on the pollen spectrum and physico-chemical properties