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53 2014

Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Summary No. 3 / 2014

Obradović, V. – Babić, J. – Šubarić, D. – Ačkar, Đ. – Jozinović, A.
Improvement of nutritional and functional properties of extruded food products
Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 53, 2014, No. 3, s. 189-206

Babić Jurislav, Subdepartment of Technology of Carbohydrates, Faculty of Food Technology, University of Osijek, Franje Kuhača 20, 31 000 Osijek, Croatia.
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Summary: For the production of “snack” foods, maize, wheat, rye and rice are used as basic ingredients. With the development of extrusion technology, special attention is focused on the enrichment of extruded products with different ingredients like proteins, dietary fibre or bioactive compounds. Physical and sensory properties of the extrudates are strongly affected by adding ingredients rich in proteins or fibre. Extrusion parameters like temperature, screw speed and water content are crucial for obtaining an acceptable product. In this paper, review of the newest research and achievements in incorporating various raw materials that improve nutritional value of the extruded food products is presented.

Keywords: extrusion; extrudate; protein; dietary fibre; anthocyanin; carotenoid

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