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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
Accepted manuscripts

Kazimierczak, R. – Hallmann, E. – Carrillo, C. – Rembiałkowska, E.
Influence of variety and production system on selected chemical parameters of beetroot juices prepared from seven beetroot varieties
Pelpolage, S. W. – Han, K. – Koaze, H. – Hamamoto, T. – Hoshizawa, M. – Fukushima, M.
Influence of enzyme-resistant fraction of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) flour on gut microflora composition, short chain fatty acid production and toxic substance metabolism
Strapáč, I. – Bedlovičová, Z. – Čuvalová, A. – Handrová, L. – Kmeť, V.
Antioxidant and antiquorum sensing properties of edible mushrooms
Ziarno, M. – Zaręba, D. – Maciejak, M. – Veber, A. L.
The impact of dairy starter cultures on selected qualitative properties of functional fermented beverage prepared from germinated white kidney beans
Chiabrando, V. – Giacalone, G.
Effect of citrus essential oils-alginate based coating on quality of fresh-cut Jintao kiwifruit
Valík, Ľ. – Medveďová, A. – Ačai, P.
Update of concepts in food microbiology education in Slovakia: from food microbiology to predictive microbiology and microbiological risk assessment in foods
Šilha, D. – Morávková, K. – Škodová, G. – Vytřasová, J.
Viability and biofilm formation of Arcobacter spp. at various processing temperatures

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