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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research
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da Rocha Rodrigues, N. – Alves, M. – Teixeira da Costa Machado, M. – Martins Jacintho Barbosa, M. I. – Lucena Barbosa Junior, J.
Functional properties and technological applications of vegetables leaves
Mašković, P. – Radojković, M. – Cvetanović, A. – Mitić, M. – Zeković, Z. – Đurović, S.
Chemical profile and biological activity of tart cherry twigs: possibilities of plant waste utilization
Zdešar Kotnik, K. – Jurak, G. – Starc, G. – Puc, M. – Golja, P.
Use of dietary supplements in differently physically active adolescents
Bitskinashvili, K. – Gabriadze, I. – Kutateladze, T. – Vishnepolsky, B. – Mikeladze, D. – Datukishvili, N.
Effects of thermal-acid treatment on degradation and amplification of wheat and maize DNA
Hou, Z. – Zhang, Y. – Qin, X. – Zhao, L. – Wang, Y. – Liao, X.
High pressure processing for sea buckthorn juice with higher superoxide dismutase activity
Miedzianka, J. – Pęksa, A.
Effect of acetylation on quality attributes of potato protein preparations heated to various temperatures

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