Slovakia – Austrian cooperation in the characterisation of single-species honeys

| 18-06-2021

The project focuses mainly on honey species, which are typical of both countries and are characterized by high quality, especially rape, acacia, chestnut honey, and honeydew fir honey. These, but also other single-species honeys obtained directly from beekeepers from Slovakia, respectively in cooperation with the Institute of Apiculture in Liptovský Hrádok, and in parallel from beekeepers from Austria, will be characterized in terms of physical, chemical and sensory properties. We will be glad if you become part of this research and your honey samples (rape, acacia, chestnut honey, and honeydew fir honey, but also others) will be included in this international study. If you decide to participate or need more information, please contact us by e-mail or phone. Thank you in advance! +421 908 472 292 or +421 2 50 237 091 +421 911 807 737 or +421 2 50 237 092

Thanks: This work was supported by the Agency for research and development support based on Contract No. SK-AT-20-0022 for the project "Harmonisation of analytical methods of sensory and physico-chemical characterization of honeys originating in Slovakia and Austria".

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